Report: Uber and Tesla Collaborate to Promote Electric Vehicles among Drivers

Uber is making efforts to become emissions-free in the United States and Canada by the end of the decade. To encourage its drivers to use electric vehicles (EVs), Uber has partnered with Hertz to provide discounted rentals of electric cars like Tesla Model 3 sedans. However, Uber wants to do more to accelerate the adoption of zero-emissions cars among its drivers.

One way Uber is assisting in this effort is by sharing data with Tesla about where drivers typically make their trips. This information will help Tesla determine the best locations for charging stations, including ones that offer overnight destination charging. Access to more charging options would make it easier for Uber drivers to use EVs. The data shared with Tesla will be aggregated and anonymized to protect the privacy of individual drivers.

Uber is also hosting test drive events at Tesla stores to familiarize its drivers with electric cars, including their features and overall user experience. Andrew Macdonald, Uber’s senior vice president of mobility and business operations, acknowledged that the cost of ownership and access to charging infrastructure are barriers to EV adoption for drivers. Through its partnership with Tesla and other EV-related incentives, Uber aims to address these obstacles and encourage more drivers to switch to electric vehicles.

According to Macdonald, Uber is aware that cost and charging accessibility are the top two factors holding drivers back from choosing EVs. The company is excited to work with Tesla to tackle these issues and believes that collaboration with cities can further accelerate the electrification process.

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