Introducing Tesla’s Advanced Adaptive Headlights for the ‘Highland’ Model 3

When Tesla released the new Model 3, known as “Highland,” it introduced several updates including changes to the headlights and other cosmetic features. However, the Adaptive Headlights feature was initially not available for the Model 3 Highland.
Now, Tesla has started rolling out the Adaptive Headlights for the Model 3 Highland in Europe. This feature, which comes with the software update version 2024.2, detects other road users and selectively dims individual pixels of the headlights. By doing so, it allows the high beam to remain on for a longer duration, providing improved visibility at night. To enable the Adaptive Headlights, users need to go to their vehicle settings and select Lighting > Adaptive High Beam.
This development was acknowledged by a user named dracon on the TTF Forum. If users have any comments, concerns, or questions, they can contact the author via email at [email protected]. Additional contact information is also provided for news tips.

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