Giga Texas Prepares For Launch of The Boring Company’s Prufrock 3

Drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer has gathered valuable information about The Boring Company’s (TBC) project near Tesla’s Giga Texas. Working closely with others monitoring the project, Tegtmeyer shares insights into the first commercial project of TBC’s new Prufrock 3 Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) at Giga Texas. He invites viewers to learn more about this exciting development.

Tegtmeyer and his team estimate that Prufrock 3 will dig at least 14 meters (55 feet) below the highway surface, while also considering the water table and soil conditions around Tesla Giga Texas. They believe TBC will dig three meters (10 feet) below the water table under the highway. Taking feedback from Tegtmeyer’s YouTube viewers, who have experience with similar projects, they suggest that the Giga Texas tunnel could be completed in about 2 to 4 weeks. The projected tunnel length is around 300 meters (1,000 feet), connecting to the new building extension at Giga Texas.

Additionally, Tegtmeyer shares TBC’s goal for Prufrock 3. The company states that Prufrock 2 can dig up to 1,600 meters (1 mile) per week, and they aim to improve this performance by seven-fold with Prufrock 3. Some experts consider TBC’s goals unrealistic, but this skepticism has been seen before with Elon Musk’s ambitions. In his video, Tegtmeyer provides further interesting details about Prufrock 3 and TBC’s project at Tesla Giga Texas. Viewers are encouraged to watch the video for more information.

If anyone has tips or information, they can contact Tegtmeyer via email at [email protected] or through X.

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