Europe’s best-selling car for 2023 is the Tesla Model Y, smashing records

Preliminary figures from market researcher Dataforce reveal that the Tesla Model Y has taken a significant lead over its closest competitor, the Dacia Sandero, in terms of sales in the EU, EFTA countries, and the UK. With 97% of sales accounted for, the Model Y sold an impressive 254,822 units in Europe in 2023, surpassing the Dacia Sandero, which sold 235,893 units despite being priced much lower than the Model Y. This achievement marks the first time an all-electric car has become the best-selling car in Europe for an entire year.

Tesla Europe & Middle East celebrated this milestone on its official social media account, expressing gratitude to its European customers for their support. The company emphasized the significance of the Model Y’s achievement as the first electric car to become Europe’s best-selling car for a full year.

Tesla’s success in Europe can be attributed to its aggressive strategies implemented throughout the year. The launch of Giga Berlin, which produces the Model Y crossovers for the region, played a significant role in Tesla’s momentum in Germany. The Model Y secured the top spot in Europe’s best-selling car list for seven months in 2023 – February, March, May, June, August, September, and December. The Dacia Sandero claimed the title for four months – January, April, October, and November. In July, the Volkswagen T-Roc briefly became Europe’s best-selling vehicle.

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