Australia: Tesla Temporarily Halts Model 3 Highland Deliveries

The Texas-based automaker, Tesla, recently sent emails to Tesla Model 3 reservation holders in Australia. In the email, they informed customers that there would be a pause in the delivery of their Model 3 vehicles as of January 17, 2024. This pause is attributed to a technical compliance matter that Tesla is currently working on with the relevant authorities. They estimate that they may be able to resume deliveries in a few weeks.

The issue at hand involves the top-tether anchor point on the upgraded Model 3. While it does comply with the Australia Design Rules (ADR), there are minor discrepancies with the ADR’s specific description. These inconsistencies have caused problems with federal regulators in Australia.

Despite this setback, the Model 3 vehicles are fully charged and ready to be handed over to their new owners. Unfortunately, Model 3 reservation holders will have to wait a little longer to receive their new Tesla cars.

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