Watch this Model 3 auto park in a tight parking spot

It’s great that the Model 3 has high-end features like Autopark.  The Model 3 benefits from Tesla’s software development in the Model S and X as much of the software interface and features are borrowed from the Model S and X.

Now we get to see how Autopark works in Model 3.

Bryan Burnworth sent TeslaWeekly this video clip of his Model 3 auto parking in a tight parking spot.

One of the great things about Tesla’s vehicles is their ability to receive over-the-air (OTA) updates.  Tesla is able to fix and improve existing features and also push out new features to the car.

One example is my Model 3 received the 2017.50.12 update a few days ago, which improved the quality of the backup camera (less fisheye-effect) and also added scheduled charging.

Over time Tesla will be able to turn on additional safety features as well, especially as they begin to activate more of the car’s 8 cameras.  I can’t think of any other cars on the road that will be getting better and have new safety features activated the longer you own the car.

Anyway, here’s Bryan’s video showing his Model 3 auto-parking in a tight parking spot.  Check it out and pass it on!

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