Caresoft Global, an engineering firm in the Chicago area, has purchased several Model 3 cars from early owners and is selling data to Tesla’s competitors.

According to the WSJ, Caresoft takes CT scans of the Model 3 to create digital designs and virtual simulations of the Model 3 to understand it’s design and build.

Caresoft brought a Model 3 chassis to the Detroit Auto Show this month and also the CES trade show last month, where they’ve been showing the car to various people in the auto industry.

A Ford Motor Co. employee was seen measuring its windows (via WSJ):

Around the red Model 3 skeleton, a Ford Motor Co. employee was measuring the windows, while men with European accents were crawling underneath for a closer view.

Caresoft also offered test drives of the Model 3 at the Detroit Auto Show.

Caresoft claims 10 auto makers are customers of its services.  They charge upward of $500,000 for their data.  According to their website, their process includes “deriving engineering data and drawing technical inferences from over 125 data sets & reports arising from full vehicle High-Energy Scan and traditional tear down.”

Here are photos from Caresoft’s recent display at the Detroit Auto Show via (Caresoft’s website).

Elon Musk: 15,000 flamethrowers sold so far

Elon Musk tweeted an update this morning putting total sales of his Boring Company’s flamethrower to 15,000, or $7.5M in sales. This is within just over 24 hours of launch, with the only official advertising being done through Musk’s twitter account. There are only 5k total for sale so if you want one, you can get one here.

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