Tesla’s First Store in Qatar Signals Expansion After Last Year’s Sales Launch

Tesla has recently opened its first store and showroom in Qatar, marking a significant milestone after entering the country’s market late last year. The store is situated in Doha, within the Doha Festival City mall, and operates seven days a week, as per information from Tesla’s website. This move has been seen as an important step toward electrification in the country, with the addition of an electric vehicle (EV) company like Tesla. Similar to other Tesla stores, customers in Qatar can now visit the location to view and purchase vehicles, as well as schedule demo drives.

The project required an investment of approximately $2.7 million, and the construction of the 1 MW/4 MWh project spanned about a year. In related news, there is discussion about SpaceX’s Starlink services potentially being launched on Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Overall, the opening of Tesla’s store in Qatar and the potential collaboration with SpaceX indicate a growing interest and investment in sustainable and innovative technologies within the region.

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