303 Tesla Megapacks seen at Lathrop Megafactory

The second quarter is about to enter its final month, and Tesla’s Lathrop Megafactory seems to be working hard. During a recent drone flyover, 303 Tesla Megapack batteries could be seen in the facility’s holding lots.

The drone operator, who has been chronicling the progress of Tesla’s Fremont Factory and Lathrop Megafactory, shared a video taken on May 30, 2024. He noted that winds were high in Lathrop, so his flyover was short.

Even during this short flyover, it was clear that there were 303 of the grid-scale batteries on the site. The drone operator commended the Tesla team for executing in a tough environment, and mentioned that energy storage deployments of Megapack reached an all-time high in Q1, leading to record profitability for the energy business.

It is expected that this trend will continue to increase in the coming quarters and years. A video of the drone operator’s recent flyover of the Lathrop Megafactory can be watched below.

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