Xiaomi SU7 delivery target raised by 20%

Xiaomi recently announced an increase in its delivery target for the all-electric SU7 by 20%, indicating the high demand and popularity of the vehicle. The new target, revealed during the company’s earnings call, has been raised from 100,000 to 120,000 units for the year 2024. The double-shift production is expected to raise Xiaomi’s SU7 production capacity to at least 10,000 units per month. The Beijing plant, according to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, has the capability to produce 40 SU7 units per hour, or approximately one vehicle every 76 seconds.

The company has been focused on securing parts for the SU7 due to the unexpected surge in demand for the electric vehicle. Xiaomi, a well-established smartphone brand, launched the SU7 in March 2024 as its first electric vehicle, with a starting price of around $29,830. Limited-edition models of the SU7 quickly sold out, and by April, the company had announced a total of 88,000 locked-in orders for the vehicle.

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