Unlikely Support for Doctor Who Saved Tesla from Cliff Fall

Dharmesh Patel, the doctor who drove his Tesla Model Y off a cliff in what his defense team says was a psychotic break, received support from an unlikely source – his wife, Neha Patel. Testifying on his behalf via Zoom, she expressed a plea for his mental health diversion rather than prosecution with any of his charges. Their two children were also in the car, and despite the destruction of the vehicle, all passengers survived. Neha’s support for her husband, despite the potential danger to their family, comes from a place of missing her “best friend.”

She highlighted the impact of the situation on her children, emphasizing her own feelings of solitude. Patel’s concern for his children’s safety, which is being used as evidence of a depressive episode, is a key aspect of the case. Judge Susan Jakubowski is tasked with determining whether Patel’s mental illness qualifies for relief from his crimes and if it played a role in the offense taking place. A doctor who testified expressed belief that Patel is a good candidate for mental health diversion, which may be favorable to Patel’s case.

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