Toyota’s Plan to Begin Producing Electric Vehicle Batteries in North Carolina in 2023

Toyota is making strides in the electric vehicle (EV) market, with plans to begin production of EV batteries at its North Carolina complex in the first quarter of next year. The factory will employ around 5,100 people upon planned completion in 2028 and is expected to produce 30 GWh of EV batteries per year. The facility will include production lines for battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and plugin hybrid battery packs, as well as lines dedicated to building battery packs for hybrid vehicles. Additionally, it will feature an on-site supplier building for components, a full-time fire department, and other support structures.

Toyota’s move into the EV market comes as it faces criticism for not committing to full electrification quickly enough. The company, however, sees EVs as part of a multi-pathway strategy toward carbon neutrality and is excited to enter the market. Toyota’s focus on EVs represents its acknowledgment of the importance of this market, although it continues to view a multi-pathway strategy as key to achieving its sustainability goals. The company’s commitment to entering the EV market and its plans for significant battery production demonstrate its recognition of the growing significance of electric vehicles in the automotive industry.

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