The Boring Company has provided transportation for 2 million riders.

Elon Musk’s The Boring Company has achieved a significant milestone by providing rides to two million passengers in its first Las Vegas loop. This accomplishment comes just over a year after the company surpassed the one million mark. The Boring Company’s map of approved stations and the completed LVCC loop, shown in orange, can be viewed below.

Elon Musk has emphasized the advantages of tunnels over flying cars, highlighting their weatherproof nature, unobtrusiveness, and safety benefits. Additionally, he asserts that tunnels minimize the use of valuable surface land and do not interfere with existing transportation systems. The achievement of reaching such a high number of passengers within a relatively short time frame showcases the potential and efficiency of The Boring Company’s approach to transportation.

It also reflects the growing interest and demand for innovative solutions in the field of urban mobility.

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