Tesla urges investors to support Musk pay plan and relocation to Texas

Tesla has released a new video in anticipation of its upcoming Annual Shareholders Meeting, urging shareholders to vote in favor of two key proposals. The first proposal is CEO Elon Musk’s compensation plan from 2018, which had previously been rejected, and the second is the company’s re-incorporation in Texas.

According to Tesla, these proposals are “especially important,” and voting in favor of them will “protect your rights as stockholders & protect the value of your investment.” The video features a past speech from Musk, emphasizing the company’s mission to facilitate the global transition to a sustainable economy.

It also highlights Tesla’s advancements in various technologies such as electric vehicles, energy storage, and the development of the Optimus humanoid robot. Near the end of the video, Tesla urges its stockholders to recognize their ability to shape the future of the company and emphasizes the substantial value creation that Tesla is poised to deliver, while also indicating the potential risks.

Tesla’s Board of Directors has shown consistent support for the proposals. Board Chair Robyn Denholm expressed concern over the judge’s decision to reject Musk’s pay package, citing the CEO’s lack of compensation for the past six years as fundamentally unfair.

The vote is currently ongoing, leading up to Tesla’s Annual Shareholders Meeting on June 13. Elon Musk acknowledged the video in a repost, thanking the Tesla team for their efforts.

With the vote underway, shareholders are encouraged to participate and voice their thoughts on these crucial proposals.

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