Tesla Supercharger access delayed for multiple brands: report

Tesla Supercharger access for several brands that adopted the company’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) has been delayed. This Spring, General Motors, Polestar, and Volvo were all set to gain access to Tesla’s robust Supercharger Network in North America, with 15,000 total stalls opening to non-Tesla EVs. However, Tesla’s layoffs earlier this year have impacted these plans.

The company laid off many Supercharging team members as part of widespread layoffs aimed at sustaining cash, leading to delays for companies planning to gain access to the network. General Motors and Polestar both confirmed that their access dates were pushed back from Spring to Summer. Tesla recently started rehiring employees, possibly in preparation for CEO Elon Musk’s plans for a more efficient Supercharger team.

However, some companies may not get the opportunity to start charging until 2025. These delays for big-time companies are the first true impact of the layoffs. The question remains whether this move is agreeable.

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