Tesla sues Tesla: The Unexpected Lawsuit Explained

Tesla has filed a lawsuit against an Indian company, Tesla Power, for using its name for promotional purposes. The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction and damages for the unauthorized use of the Tesla brand.

The Delhi High Court is currently hearing arguments from both parties regarding this matter. Following a cease-and-desist notice issued by Tesla in April 2022, Tesla Power continued to promote its products under the Tesla name, arguing that its business of manufacturing lead-acid batteries does not infringe on Tesla’s electric vehicle operations.

The Indian company operates out of Delaware, the same state where Tesla is registered, and uses names like Tesla Power USA and Tesla Power, which have led to accusations in the lawsuit. Despite Tesla Power’s assertion that it has no intention of entering the electric vehicle market, Tesla has been attempting to establish a presence in India for years.

This has led to speculation that Tesla Power may have sought to benefit financially from these rumors. In related news, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was originally set to expand the company’s operations in India in April, but instead, he redirected his efforts to China, where he gained approval for the Full Self-Driving suite.

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