Tesla showcases private 5G network at Giga Berlin

Tesla has highlighted its ultra-fast private 5G network at its Gigafactory in Germany. This network is expected to keep the equipment running efficiently over long distances and with as little latency as possible. Pat, a member of the Grünheide plant’s IT Infrastructure team, emphasizes how private 5G enables increased reliability for its machines. According to Pat, “Private 5G lays a foundation for innovation and next-level operations in our manufacturing and warehouse facilities.” He also mentioned that they were one of the first in the automotive manufacturing industry to launch private 5G at a large scale.

Ernesto, from the Network Team, elaborates on how the private 5G network allows Tesla to use the internet across large distances, especially in crucial areas outside of the factory. He explains that the network has significantly changed the way they deliver network services in many places in the factory, particularly outdoors. This has reduced the need for extensive investments and time-consuming efforts associated with traditional methods, as now a small antenna on top of a cell building is sufficient to cover the outbound area and support various operations. Tesla has shared a full video on private 5G at Giga Berlin, providing further insights into the implementation and benefits of the network.

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