Tesla Shares Video of Optimus Sorting Battery Cells Autonomously

Tesla has recently shared a video of its Optimus humanoid robot, showcasing its capabilities in sorting battery cells, walking, and undertaking various factory tasks. The post, made on the Optimus X account, demonstrates the robot’s use of end-to-end neural network technology to autonomously perform basic factory tasks, including sorting 4680 battery cells. The video emphasizes the robot’s ability to rectify its own errors as it carries out the tasks.

It is revealed that the Optimus robot utilizes cameras, hand tactile sensors, and force sensors to gather data about its environment. The company mentions that the robot is currently undergoing testing at one of Tesla’s factories, with decreasing human interventions as the robot continues to enhance its performance over time. The full teaser video is available on the Tesla Optimus X account.

Elon Musk tweeted about the higher complexity per unit mass of humanoid robots, opining that despite this, he believes that their cost is still less than half of a car.

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