Tesla Semi executive reveals important program and details about Nevada factory

Tesla Senior Manager, Semi program Dan Priestley recently spoke at the ACT Expo event in Las Vegas, Nevada. During his talk, the executive highlighted several key tidbits about the Tesla Semi program, such as its current milestones and the company’s plans for the vehicle’s future. Priestley emphasized on the Semi’s current milestones and plans for the vehicle’s future.

He highlighted that Tesla currently lists the Semi’s 300-mile Standard Range version with a tare weight of less than 20,000 lbs, while the 500-mile Long Range variant weighs less than 23,000 pounds. This information sheds light on the Semi’s weight without cargo, a detail Tesla has not extensively disclosed previously. Moreover, Priestley discussed the potential of the Semi to compete with diesel-powered trucks, especially with the support of the Megacharger Network.

He informed that the Tesla Semi fleet has already driven 3.5 million miles, leading to refinements in the vehicle and electrification of Tesla’s supply chain. Additionally, Priestley revealed that Tesla has been using the Semi as part of its own transport fleet and that Semi units have been seen at the Lathrop Megafactory. He noted that Tesla is aiming to commence Semi deliveries from its Nevada factory around 2026.

Priestley’s presentation, which was shared on YouTube, gives insights into the progress and future prospects of the Tesla Semi program and is available for viewing at the ACT Expo event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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