Tesla Model Y with Hardware 4 observed in Germany.

Tesla Model Y units at the company’s Gigafactory Berlin in Germany were recently spotted equipped with Hardware 4, the latest and most advanced self-driving computer from Tesla. Hardware 4, initially unveiled last year, is designed to enhance future vehicles with additional cameras and potential radar systems, among other features. It represents Tesla’s most comprehensive self-driving computer to date, capable of processing higher volumes of data to bolster the accuracy and effectiveness of self-driving capabilities as the company continues to develop its Full Self-Driving suite.

The transition from HW3 to HW4 brings significant improvements, particularly in capturing higher-resolution images of the vehicle’s surroundings, with HW4 cameras boasting 5-megapixel resolutions compared to the 1.2-megapixel resolution of their predecessors. The first vehicles to be integrated with HW4 were the Model X Plaid cars in the U.S., aligning with Tesla’s widespread use of its FSD suite in the market. While it was anticipated that U.S. vehicles would be equipped with HW4, the sighting of HW4-equipped Model Y vehicles at Giga Berlin suggests that Tesla may also be preparing to incorporate HW4 into vehicles outside the U.S.

However, it’s important to note that the official launch of the suite has not been confirmed. The emergence of HW4-equipped vehicles from Giga Berlin underscores the importance of monitoring developments in this area.

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