Tesla Introducing Leaderboards for Supercharger Racing Game in Upcoming Update

The release notes for Tesla’s upcoming software update were revealed over the weekend. Among the numerous improvements and new features, the company is launching a local leaderboard system for its onboard racing game. The forthcoming Tesla software update, 2024.20, is expected to introduce special Supercharger races for Beach Buggy Racing at Superchargers, allowing users to compete for leaderboard spots at these locations. The update also promises enhancements in security, adaptive high beams, and air conditioning efficiency in hot weather.

Furthermore, the update includes hot weather improvements for the entire Tesla lineup, designed to expedite cabin cooling and maintain comfort at lower noise levels. In addition to security fixes and adaptive headlight enhancements, Tesla is introducing an Autopilot Suspension system. The company has revealed plans to suspend Autopilot privileges for drivers who receive five “Autopilot strikeouts,” with the option to have one strikeout forgiven for each 7-day period without any further offenses. It is important to note that these details are based on an early look at the software update, and additional features may be included in the final release.

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