Tesla has apparently named the next leader of its 4680 battery initiative.

It appears that Tesla has chosen the next head of its 4680 battery cell program, with reports of Eggleston’s apparent appointment initially emerging in China. According to a tech publication, the newly-promoted executive reportedly led a department-wide meeting where he announced a moratorium on layoffs.

Despite this, the company is aiming to achieve cost reduction targets by year-end and may potentially scrap its 4680 efforts if the targets are not met. Prior to Eggleston’s apparent appointment, Tesla’s battery materials department had laid off about half of its workforce, and the 4680 team saw a 20% reduction in employees, leaving around 800 people.

Eggleston seemed to have confirmed his appointment as the new head of Tesla’s 4680 program. The 4680 batteries are a crucial part of Tesla’s future plans, and if the company successfully achieves production ramp and cost reductions for these batteries, they could power vehicles like the dedicated Robotaxi “Cybercab.”

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