Tesla drivers have the cleanest cars in the United Kingdom, according to a survey.

A recent survey conducted in the UK revealed some interesting insights about car owners in the country. The survey, which involved 1,000 motorists, was carried out in March 2024 by a UK-based scrap vehicle comparison service. The participants were asked about their car cleaning habits, including how often they clean the exterior and interior of their cars, as well as whether they have ever felt embarrassed to give someone a ride due to the state of their vehicle.

The results of the survey indicated that Tesla drivers in the UK are the cleanest car owners, with an average of over two car washes per week. Following closely behind were Mercedes, Toyota, and Audi owners, who reported washing their cars 21 times per year on average. In comparison, most car owners from other brands noted that they clean their cars 12 times per year on average, which is about once a month.

The survey did not delve into the reasons behind the high frequency of car cleaning among Tesla owners. However, some speculation suggests that Teslas, often likened to the iPhones of the automotive industry, may inspire owners to maintain their vehicles’ cleanliness like premium tech devices. Another possibility is that Tesla owners simply have a strong attachment to their cars and want them to look clean at all times.

It’s worth noting that the survey was limited to gathering information about car cleaning habits and did not explore the underlying motivations behind these habits.

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