Sweden’s biggest labor organization participates in strikes targeting Tesla.

Strikes against Tesla in Sweden have been ongoing for six months. This week, the country’s largest union, Unionen, announced its support for the labor effort, joining over a dozen other unions in support of IF Metall’s strikes against Tesla. The announcement came as Unionen initiated a blockade against Tesla for workers at DEKRA Industrial AB, a company that conducts vehicle inspections.

The union aims to protect the collective agreement system and prevent DEKRA from inspecting pressure vessels, doors, or vehicle lifts on Tesla vehicles. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, expressed optimism about the situation in Sweden during a call, stating that he believed the storm had passed and that the long-term future of Tesla was strong. However, IF Metall leader Marie Nilsson countered by indicating that the strikes were far from over, as the union continued to seek a collective bargaining agreement with the company.

In essence, the situation remains contentious as Tesla and the unions attempt to find a resolution.

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