SunPower adds Tesla Powerwall 3 to its portfolio.

SunPower, one of the leading solar energy companies in the United States, has recently announced the addition of the Tesla Powerwall 3 home battery system to its portfolio. This move allows a single Powerwall 3 battery to provide uninterrupted power to a home, aligning with the increasing trend of homeowners turning to battery storage for protection against utility rate hikes and grid outages.

The company sees this as a logical offering to consumers, given the growing demand for battery storage solutions. According to Fitzgerald, SunPower’s spokesperson, there has been a surge in battery storage sales in 2024, and they envision a future where almost all solar systems are paired with storage.

Pairing the Tesla Powerwall 3 with the industry-leading SunPower Equinox solar system is seen as a natural progression in providing homeowners with the best products available. Joe Holstein, owner of SunPower by Quality Home Services, a SunPower Master Dealer, highlighted the potential benefits for homeowners with the addition of the Tesla Powerwall 3 to SunPower’s portfolio.

He emphasized that offering access to Tesla Powerwall 3 enables them to provide homeowners with a comprehensive energy solution, including sales, financing, and installation, simplifying the process for adopting clean energy. Overall, the integration of the Tesla Powerwall 3 into SunPower’s offerings is expected to meet the demands of customers while streamlining the process for them to embrace sustainable energy solutions.

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