Potential Buyer for Tesla Supercharger Slowdown: BP emerges as candidate.

Tesla’s planned slowdown in the buildout of its Supercharger Network has attracted the interest of potential buyers. BP is reportedly looking to acquire real estate and talent related to Tesla’s business plan.

The company’s CEO, Sujay Sharma, stated that BP is aggressively seeking to acquire real estate to scale its network and is particularly focusing on doing so after Tesla’s recent announcement. BP’s interest in acquiring Tesla’s Supercharger locations in North America is part of its broader plan to expand its EV charging infrastructure.

The company had previously announced its commitment to invest $1 billion in expanding its EV charging footprint. With Tesla pausing new Supercharger projects, potential opportunities for EV charging stations are now in a state of limbo, presenting an opportunity for other companies to step in and develop these sites.

Sharma emphasized BP’s eagerness to acquire suitable land for EV chargers and invited stranded real estate partners to reach out to him. He expressed his openness to connect with potential partners through LinkedIn, indicating a proactive approach to expanding BP’s network.

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