Ford reduces prices of electric vehicles in Australia by up to AUD$15k.

Ford has recently reduced the prices of its electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia by as much as AUD$15,000 for certain models. This move reflects a wider trend in Australia, where various automakers are lowering the prices of their EVs. Ford joined Australia’s EV market in late 2021 with the introduction of the all-electric Mustang Mach-E SUV and the E-Transit van. The price of the E-Transit van has been slashed by $15,000, bringing its starting price down to AUD$89,990 from $104,990.

Additionally, the company reduced the price of the Mach-E even further, with a total decrease of $15,000 since its release in Australia last year. As of now, the Ford Mustang Mach-E starts at $64,990 for the Select variant, while the top-tier Mach-E GT begins at just under $100,000. Local reports indicate a significant plunge in EV prices in Australia, with some models seeing reductions of up to AUD$20,000. The Nissan Leap, for instance, saw its price drop from AUD$50,990 to AUD$39,990.

According to car expert Paul Maric, the introduction of Chinese EVs has been a key driver behind the price cuts in Australia, with Chinese brands bringing in more affordable electric vehicles. Maric noted that the arrival of Chinese EVs has prompted established automakers to adjust their pricing, a move that is uncommon due to the typical lack of adjustments once pricing is set for volume brands. He cited examples such as Peugeot slashing up to $20,000 off some of their electric cars, highlighting the significant margins that were previously built into these vehicles.

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