Ford Dealers to Halt EV Program as Company Considers Changes.

Ford has recently requested its dealerships to temporarily halt investments in its electric vehicle (EV) certification program until upcoming changes can be discussed and implemented at a meeting. The automaker’s dealership council is set to convene in June to address the EV certification program, drawing upon feedback from a nationwide dealership tour led by Ford CEO Jim Farley.

The recent tour comprised 11 meetings with approximately 1,000 dealers, during which various topics were discussed, including the rapidly evolving EV market. While specific changes to the program were not disclosed, it was noted that there was general consensus among executives and the council following these meetings.

The dealership gatherings were also aimed at improving communication and building trust as the transition to EVs unfolds. According to a survey, around 93 percent of the dealers who participated in the meetings left with a greater level of confidence in Ford’s brand moving forward.

Overall, the decision to put a pause on investments in the EV certification program seems to be part of Ford’s approach to carefully consider dealer feedback before making changes. The upcoming meeting presents a crucial opportunity for the company to address the needs and concerns of its retailer network.

It is apparent that Ford is prioritizing collaboration and transparency, leveraging the insights gathered from the dealership tour to shape the future direction of its EV certification program. This approach reflects a commitment to aligning with dealer expectations and ensuring a smooth transition to the electric vehicle market.

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