Elon Musk suggests investing in Argentina after meeting with Milei.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, met with Argentina President, Javier Melei, in California on Monday. The meeting took place on the sidelines of an economic conference at which both were speaking. After the meeting, Musk posted on X that he had a “great meeting with President Milei” and expressed his belief that people should make investments in Argentina. President Milei suggested that space exploration was among the topics discussed during their meeting, a theme also emphasized by Musk during his own interview at the Milken Institute conference.

During the conference, Milei spoke about the importance of space exploration, stating that it represents the destiny of the human race as an exploratory species. Musk and Milei have shown mutual support for each other in the past, with Milei thanking Musk for defending the ideas of freedom and supporting their work following his election victory in December. In addition to their meeting, there were insights offered about the content of their panel discussions at the conference. According to Stephen Milken, the original title for Musk’s panel was “How To Save The Human Race, and Other Light Topics,” while Milei’s panel was referred to as an “Ode to Capitalism.” These interactions reflect a shared interest in topics beyond their immediate business concerns.

Overall, the meeting between Musk and Milei signals a potential for collaboration, particularly in areas such as investment and space exploration. Their public support for each other’s work and ideas suggests a relationship that extends beyond the formalities of a single meeting.

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