Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, refutes claims of FSD take rate being only 2%

In a recent post by moomoo Technologies Inc., YipitData’s latest data indicated that nearly 3,500 Tesla owners had tried out FSD’s free trial, with only 50 of those opting to subscribe to the advanced driver-assist system. This low subscription rate was picked up by media reports and discussed on EV blog site Electrek.

The 2% take rate quickly gained traction on social media, with long-time Tesla observers noting that the accuracy of the figure would likely depend on whether Elon Musk or Tesla chose to respond to it. Musk did, in fact, respond to the report, disputing the 2% estimate and stating that the actual take rate for FSD was significantly higher.

He expressed that he does not comment on everything, as it can make it easy for others to fish for information. Musk emphasized that the take rate for FSD is much higher than 2%, suggesting that approximately half of the trial users are utilizing FSD.

This implies that, at the time of the first quarter 2024 earnings call, there were approximately 900,000 FSD users. The importance of expanding the trial base to accurately gauge customer acceptance was highlighted in moomoo Technologies Inc.’s blog post.

Furthermore, FSD is a crucial component of Tesla’s future, as indicated by Elon Musk’s announcement of the company’s dedicated Robotaxi “Cybercab,” set to be unveiled on August 8, 2024. There have also been reports suggesting that Tesla may first launch its Robotaxi service in China.

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