BYD’s Electric M6 MPV Spotted in the Wild

BYD recently unveiled its all-electric M6 MPV, which was spotted in the wild. It is reported that the new M6 MPV is reminiscent of the BYD Song Max, with recent sightings revealing a China-made MPV adorned with “BYD M6” badges.

The photos suggest a right-hand drive layout, indicating potential exportation to markets outside China, particularly to Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines where MPVs sell well. BYD has been actively looking to expand its global presence through the launch of eco-friendly vehicles in specific markets, and the M6 MPV could be a suitable addition for Southeast Asian countries.

In addition to the M6 MPV, BYD’s global expansion plans also include the introduction of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the BYD Shark, which has a starting price of $53,400. However, the company’s expansion efforts have garnered mixed reactions, particularly in Europe and North America where Chinese automakers are being closely monitored for their impact on the local auto market.

Despite this, BYD has stated its intention to steer clear of the US auto market, although the production of the Shark pickup truck in Mexico may raise concerns in the White House. BYD is known for its continuous addition of new models while maintaining its existing lineup.

Currently offering 21 models in China, BYD has four more in the pipeline.

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