Waymo passengers most commonly travel to these San Francisco areas: data

Waymo, a robotaxi company owned by Alphabet, has been offering driverless ride-hailing services in San Francisco for approximately six months. According to a report citing data that the company is required to report to state regulators, Waymo riders most frequently travel to Hayes Valley, Mission Bay, South of Market, and the Mission District. During the period between September and February, Waymo robotaxis transported over 530,000 passengers within the city.

The robotaxis were commonly utilized to transport passengers to job centers such as the Financial District and event hubs like the Chase Center, as well as other areas with challenging parking situations. It was noted that many of the passengers using Waymo are “power riders” who use the service almost daily for their work commute, with Friday and Saturday nights also being popular for rides. Additionally, some riders appreciate the “private environment” provided by Waymo’s robotaxis for trips to and from medical appointments.

The data also revealed that over 12,000 individual rides ended within the Mission Bay census tract, although Waymo conducted driverless rides in every census tract within the city. There were fewer reported rides starting or ending in areas such as Bayview, Excelsior, Ingleside, and the Outer Sunset district. Furthermore, the company’s expansions faced opposition from various entities, including the city of South San Francisco, San Mateo County, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, and the San Francisco Taxi Workers Alliance.

In conclusion, the data provides insights into the usage patterns of Waymo’s robotaxi services in San Francisco, highlighting popular destinations and usage frequency. This information, along with the company’s contested expansions, raises interesting considerations about the impact and acceptance of autonomous ride-hailing services in urban environments.

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