Volkswagen doubles EV orders in Europe and commits to all-electric future

Volkswagen recently revealed that its electric vehicle orders in the European market have doubled. The German automaker has also made a bold commitment to transitioning its entire future lineup to electric vehicles.

During a recent earnings call, Arno Antlitz, Volkswagen’s CFO and COO, expressed the company’s strong belief in an electric future, stating “The future will be electric; this is our conviction.” Although Volkswagen did not disclose the exact number of increased orders, it attributed this growth to sustained consumer interest.

Interestingly, despite the surge in orders, Volkswagen did not see a corresponding increase in EV deliveries. In fact, the company reported a 16 percent decline in EV deliveries in Europe for the first quarter compared to the previous year.

Nonetheless, Volkswagen remains optimistic and is forging ahead with plans to launch four new models in China over the next three years, two of which will be electric. Arno Antlitz appeared undeterred by the decline in EV deliveries, stating, “As expected, our first-quarter results show a slow start to the year.”

Despite this setback, Volkswagen is resolute in its vision for an electric future and is actively working towards achieving that goal.

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