Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) system reportedly receives provisional approval in China.

Tesla FSD (Full Self-Driving) has reportedly received tentative approval in China. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently visited China during the ongoing Beijing Auto Show. According to Chinese officials, Beijing has tentatively approved Tesla’s FSD plans, clearing critical regulatory hurdles that have prevented its release in China. One such hurdle involves Tesla’s mapping and navigation functions in the country.

Tesla’s partnership with Baidu addresses concerns about data-security risks related to FSD. Musk mentioned that releasing Tesla FSD (Supervised) in other markets would not be challenging. He stated that apart from some country-specific training, FSD (Supervised) is believed to be capable enough to drive on any roads. Musk emphasized that the end-to-end neural net-based autonomy, similar to a human, works well without modification in almost any market.

He expressed plans to release it as a supervised autonomy system in any market where regulatory approval is obtained, including China. Musk noted that country-specific training would improve driving in other countries. Musk’s visit to China was not solely focused on Tesla FSD. While there, the chairman of China’s top battery supplier, CATL, Robin Zeng, visited Musk at his hotel and met with Tesla China executives Tom Zhu and Grace Tao.

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