Tesla unveils new Cybertruck features: Differential locks, Baja Mode, CyberTent Mode, and additional enhancements.

Tesla recently announced a list of new features that will be rolling out to the Cybertruck soon. These features were shared in a post on the official account of the all-electric pickup truck. According to Tesla, the listed features will be available shortly.

The new features include Off-Road Mode, Overland Mode, and Baja Mode, each offering specific improvements for driving on different types of terrain. The company also mentioned Locking Differentials for Dual Motor AWD, allowing torque to be directed to the wheel with traction in off-road situations. Additionally, the Cybertruck will have an Off-Road app, with options such as Locking Differentials and Trail Assist.

The app will display vital information and one-touch controls that vary based on the selected mode. In the Overland mode, drivers can focus on technical traction and adjust the ride height and surface settings to suit different driving conditions. On-Road features such as Slippery Surface and Ride and Handling with a Load have also been enhanced, providing better traction control and adaptive suspension for improved comfort and handling.

The CyberTent Mode is another new feature that levels the suspension to provide a flat surface for comfortable sleeping and keeps the tonneau cover open to accommodate a tent, with lighting, AC, and outlets available if enabled. Finally, a video showcasing some of the Cybertruck’s new features was shared, giving a glimpse of the upcoming updates.

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