Tesla to Discontinue Current Referral Benefits by the End of this Month

Tesla has announced that it will end its current referral program benefits at the end of this month, with plans to introduce new benefits later in the year. CEO Elon Musk clarified that this change means customers will not be able to accrue new credits until the new referral benefits are launched, which may take a few months.

He revealed this information in a tweet on April 20, 2024. First-time Tesla buyers can use a current owner’s referral link to give referral points to the referrer, but the referral cannot be added after the order is placed.

Although the ability to get free connectivity with the referral has been removed, those using a referral link still receive three free months of FSD. Currently, referrers earn 7,500 credits when someone uses their link to make a vehicle purchase, down from 10,000 before this month.

It seems that Tesla is entering “wartime mode” again, as hinted by Elon Musk. These changes have raised questions and sparked discussions about what the future holds for the Tesla referral program.

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