Tesla ready to introduce Cybertruck charging upgrades in the second quarter.

Tesla is set to roll out charging improvements on the Cybertruck this quarter. The goal is to increase the number of miles the vehicle can recover from a lower state of charge in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, Tesla will introduce improvements to its Superchargers next week. During the *Out of Spec’s* Ocean to Ocean challenge, the Tesla Cybertruck encountered difficulties operating smoothly with Superchargers.

Issues ranged from topping out a site’s power limit to overheating power cables. One consistent issue was the lack of strength of current when the Cybertruck was at a low state of charge (SoC). Tesla’s Senior Vice President of Powertrain, Drew Baglino, revealed that the company had identified and fixed a bug within the Cybertruck that limited charging to 100A max in certain situations. The fix is currently in piloting and will be fully deployed in Superchargers next week.

Baglino announced that Cybertruck charge curve improvements are coming over-the-air later this quarter. These improvements will allow the Cybertruck to recover up to 154 miles in 15 minutes, an increase from the previous 130-mile range gain in the same time frame. This demonstrates the efforts of Tesla’s executives, aside from CEO Elon Musk, to deliver updates to the company’s customers and vehicle owners. As Tesla vehicles undergo continuous changes, it is essential for the company to maintain transparency about these updates.

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