Tesla Plans to Enhance Healthcare for Giga Berlin Workers

Over the past weeks, news about Tesla’s workforce has centered around the company’s ongoing headcount reduction. Despite this, it appears that the electric vehicle maker is focusing on taking care of the employees that it will be retaining. In Giga Berlin, for example, Tesla is reportedly aiming to enhance the health care of its workers by providing physiotherapists and occupational therapists at the site.

According to Plant Manager AndrThie, the company is shifting its focus towards prevention and is currently constructing its own fitness studio to offer targeted health and wellness services to its employees. This indicates a proactive approach by Tesla to support the well-being of its workforce. However, Giga Berlin has faced scrutiny regarding its workers’ safety.

Last October, a German publication reported a high rate of injuries at the facility. Nonnemacher emphasized that Tesla receives the same treatment as any other company and undergoes rigorous safety checks, stating that there is no preferential treatment for Tesla. Rumors recently circulated about Tesla planning to cut 3,000 jobs from Giga Berlin, but the company’s investment in improving employee health care suggests a commitment to supporting its workforce.

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