Tesla Optimus may begin external sales by 2025.

The Tesla Optimus humanoid robot is expected to be available for external sales by 2025, with the company making significant progress in its development. Reports indicate that the Tesla bot is already performing basic tasks at the company’s factories, and Elon Musk mentioned the possibility of limited production of Optimus within the natural factory setting by the end of the year. During the TSLA Q1 2024 earnings call, Musk emphasized the company’s focus on AI development, suggesting that Tesla should be considered an AI or robotics company rather than solely an auto company.

He highlighted the importance of viewing Tesla through the lens of AI and robotics and expressed confidence in the company’s ability to solve autonomy for vehicles. While Musk is confident in Tesla’s ability to solve autonomy for vehicles, he acknowledges that the development of Optimus carries its own set of risks and challenges.

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