Tesla introduces Powerwall and demonstrations for home energy usage

Tesla has launched a new demo for its home energy products. The demo shows how the Powerwall, used in conjunction with the electrical grid and solar panels, functions. On Tuesday, the company released a Solar and Powerwall ownership demo in the Tesla app. This demo illustrates how the system can be utilized by owners of Tesla’s smart home energy storage suite.

It can be accessed from within the Tesla app and displays the interface for monitoring home energy storage and Powerwall usage. The announcement about the demo comes from the Tesla Energy account on X, along with a few screenshots from the demo. Users without an account can select “Continue as Guest” and find the “Demo Powerwall” option at the end of the “Explore Energy” row. Selecting this option opens the demonstration, mimicking the interface for personal home energy setups.

Although the next-gen hardware is not yet available outside the U.S., customers in Canada and several European countries can still purchase the Powerwall 2. However, it should be noted that this version does not include a built-in solar inverter or system controller. In conclusion, the new demo provides a valuable opportunity for users to learn about and interact with Tesla’s home energy products.

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