Tesla introduces new Quicksilver paint choice for Model Y vehicles available in the United States

Tesla’s Quicksilver Model Y units are now available for purchase through Tesla’s Inventory page, showcasing several vehicles in Quicksilver. The available options include Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD) or Performance variants, and the choice between 19” Gemini Wheels or 20” Induction Wheels. Additionally, black and white interior options are on offer. The most affordable Quicksilver Model Y is a Long Range Dual Motor AWD with black interior, priced at $49,990 or $42,490 after federal tax credits.

This is an attractive deal for those in the United States, especially as Quicksilver is a rare color. The availability of a batch of inventory Model Y units painted in the unique Quicksilver color suggests that the new paint option could be fully rolled out soon. Notably, Giga Texas and Giga Shanghai are both producing Quicksilver Model Y units. Aerial footage at the Shanghai Southport Terminal indicates that the new option is popular among countries importing vehicles from Gigafactory Shanghai.

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