Tesla introduces new off-roading app for Cybertruck in exclusive video debut

Tesla is preparing to introduce a new set of off-roading capabilities for its Cybertruck, as revealed in a recent exclusive video. The video showcases both electric trucks undergoing four off-road tests, including a rock crawl, a “whoops” test, a jump, and a sand dune crawl, with the Cybertruck demonstrating some of the new features.

Among the new off-roading features are four dedicated terrain modes: all-purpose, rock, gravel/deep snow, and sand. Drivers will also have the ability to toggle between turning the locking differentials all on, only the rear on, or all off.

The video provides a glimpse of the menus for accessing the new Cybertruck off-road features. Additionally, it has been noted that Tesla is not yet finished introducing the full range of off-road features for the Cybertruck, as indicated by an upcoming feature release.

Tesla Cybertruck engineer Wes Morrill commented on the off-road features in response to news posted by reporter Sawyer Merritt, hinting at the possibility of even more features in the forthcoming release. The exact release date for the new off-roading features remains unclear, but Morrill assured that detailed release notes for the update will soon be made public.

For more information, Morrill suggested keeping an eye out for detailed release notes and offered to answer questions on the topic. He also directed interested individuals to watch the full Cybertruck off-roading video from the *Top Gear* team to gather their thoughts on the new features.

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