Tesla in Canada Launches Full Self-Driving Subscriptions After Lowering Prices

Tesla has recently introduced its Full Self-Driving (FSD) subscription option in Canada, following an announcement by executives last month regarding its upcoming availability in the country. Elon Musk has also indicated that Tesla’s Giga Berlin will eventually manufacture an affordable vehicle, but this will probably occur after the production of electric vehicles at Giga Texas and the yet-to-be-constructed Giga Mexico.

The expansion of FSD subscription to Canada signifies a significant step for Tesla in offering its advanced driving technology on a monthly basis. The potential future production of affordable vehicles at Giga Berlin adds to the company’s ongoing efforts to make electric vehicles more accessible.

This move aligns with Tesla’s goal of making advanced driving assistance technology more widely accessible. Furthermore, the announcement regarding the potential production of affordable vehicles at Giga Berlin demonstrates Tesla’s continued commitment to expanding its manufacturing capabilities and product offerings in the electric vehicle market.

Overall, these developments underscore Tesla’s commitment to advancing its autonomous driving program and expanding its global reach. It will be interesting to see how these initiatives unfold in the coming years and their potential impact on the electric vehicle industry.

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