Tesla has the lowest maintenance and repair costs in the auto industry, according to data.

A recent data analysis revealed that Tesla has the most affordable 10-year maintenance and repair costs in the automotive industry. The analysis compared the total costs for maintaining and repairing a Tesla with those of other automakers. It showed that over a decade, Teslas averaged just $4,035 in maintenance and repair costs, while Land Rover and Porsche incurred costs of $19,250 and $14,090, respectively.

Steven Elek, Program Leader for Auto Data Analytics at Consumer Reports, pointed out that the difference in maintenance costs between some brands can amount to thousands of dollars over a 10-year period. The report highlighted that certain niche luxury gas vehicle brands tended to have higher maintenance costs, while electric vehicle maker Tesla consistently demonstrated lower costs. The report suggested that for those considering a luxury model, it might be wise to purchase one from a domestic brand that generally has lower maintenance and repair costs.

Additionally, the analysis emphasized that Tesla has long been proud of its comparatively lower maintenance and repair expenses. For comprehensive rankings of the most and least expensive vehicles to repair and maintain, refer to Consumer Reports’ findings.

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