Tesla Cybertruck attracts attention with Boston Marathon exhibit

A Tesla Cybertruck is currently being showcased at a showroom in Boston, Massachusetts, where it has been attracting attention from onlookers. The unique electric vehicle is on display outside the Tesla store at the Boston Prudential Center. Unlike previous displays, viewers are being allowed to explore the interior and even sit inside the Cybertruck. The showcase, which began on Sunday, is set to continue until tomorrow as part of the Boston Marathon.

The store is also hosting a DJ who is playing music from the truck’s bed, adding to the overall experience. The showroom, located at 888 Boylston Street, Suite 055, is the latest venue for Tesla’s Cybertruck display events. The presence of the Cybertruck has drawn significant interest, with many people stopping by to get an up-close look or to sit inside the vehicle. A Twitter user, Sawyer Merritt, shared a video and images of the Cybertruck display, capturing the attention it has received.

The store’s initiative of allowing visitors to interact with the vehicle has contributed to its popularity among the crowd.

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