Tesla China launches Q2 2024 with exports and 1.9k domestic registrations.

Tesla China began the second quarter of 2024 by focusing on vehicle exports. During the first quarter, the company sold 132,420 vehicles domestically, showing a 3.6% year-over-year decrease.

Geely and BYD led domestic NEV sales with figures of 137,452 and 586,006 units, respectively. According to industry sources, Tesla China’s vehicle registrations were only 1,880 during the week ending April 7, 2024, indicating an 89.1% decline from the previous week.

Interestingly, Tesla China raised the price of its popular Model Y by RMB 5,000 ($690) during this period. Despite these developments, Tesla China remains active in the market.

Footage of the area revealed a significant number of Ultra Red Model 3 units, suggesting strong consumer interest in the premium paint option. Data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) showed that Tesla China sold 89,064 Giga Shanghai-made vehicles in March.

Given Tesla’s recent activities in the country, it is expected that the company’s exports in China could increase in April 2024. WuWa’s recent video showcased Tesla China’s export fleet at the Shanghai Southport Terminal, and a drone flyover of the same terminal was also shared for further insight.

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