Starlink V4 dish now available on Target shelves

Starlink’s V4 dish is now available at Target, along with a Quick Start Guide. The Starlink mesh standard kits from Target can be returned within 30 days of purchase, either in-store or through These kits are compatible with SpaceX’s residential or roaming Starlink service plans. For residential plans, SpaceX recommends installing the Starlink dish to a fixed location, while with the roaming plan, customers have the flexibility to use the dish at any location with coverage.

The residential service plan starts at $120 per month, while the roam service plan starts at $150 per month, and is ideal for RVs, nomads, and campers. Additionally, SpaceX offers a Starlink service plan for boats, starting at $250 per month. It is worth noting that Target is not the only brick-and-mortar store selling Starlink kits.

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