SpaceX partners with Vast for Starlink partnership for new space station

Vast and SpaceX have recently made an agreement to utilize Starlink on their upcoming commercial space station, Haven-1. The planned launch of Haven-1 atop a Falcon 9 is scheduled no earlier than August 2025. This station will be equipped with Starlink terminals to ensure the occupants have access to high-speed communications courtesy of the SpaceX Starlink network. In 2023, Vast and SpaceX had announced that SpaceX would launch Haven-1 as a stand-alone outpost, followed by the launch of 2 Crew Dragons at the space station, with crews staying aboard for up to 30 days at a time.

Additionally, Vast plans for Haven-1 to ultimately connect to a future space station that is currently in development. Vast is also planning a larger variant that will eventually launch atop a SpaceX Starship rocket. The larger variant is envisioned to consist of a series of 7 modules, each 7 meters in diameter, ultimately reaching a length of 100 meters. Both Haven-1 and the future larger station are intended to be able to create artificial gravity for the crew and conduct experiments in various simulated gravity environments by spinning while in orbit.

The text concludes with a question posed to the reader, asking if they would take a ride to Vast’s Haven-1 space station, accompanied by an invitation for questions or comments.

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