Rivian introduces a charger intended to expand the charging network to other electric vehicles.

Rivian, according to Paul Frey, the Vice President of Battery, Charging, and Adventure Products, is focused on addressing the electrification of the transportation system and the transition of the power grid to carbon-free energy sources. They aim to achieve this through their Rivian Adventure Network, which is powered by 100% renewable energy.

By doing so, they support critical goals while also encouraging more people to embark on adventures in electric vehicles (EVs). Rivian plans to open the Rivian Adventure Network to compatible electric vehicles later this year.

New chargers with a convenient tap-to-pay experience and the ability to provide fast charging to a wide range of EVs will be introduced. The company also intends to start building all RAN stations with next-generation charging equipment and retrofit all current sites with the new hardware.

Furthermore, Rivian is prioritizing pull-through charging stalls at new sites where practical, in order to accommodate vehicles that are towing. As of February, 400 DC fast chargers were available at 67 locations in Rivian’s charging network in the U.S., with plans to target over 3,500 chargers at approximately 600 sites.

Overall, Rivian’s initiatives to expand the accessibility of electric vehicle charging and promote the use of renewable energy in the transportation sector demonstrate a strong commitment to the electrification of transportation and the transition to carbon-free energy sources.

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