Mercedes-Benz Head in India Excited for Tesla’s Entry: ‘New Players to Expand the Market’

Mercedes-Benz’s MD and CEO of India, Santosh Iyer, expressed excitement about Tesla’s potential entrance into the market, viewing it as a new opportunity for the electric vehicle sector to expand in India. In a recent interview with The Times of India, Iyer mentioned that Mercedes-Benz’s EV charging bays will be open for Tesla cars, just like they are for any other EV brand.

Mercedes-Benz has been actively expanding its charging infrastructure in India, a country with a relatively low percentage of electric vehicles. However, there is anticipation for a shift in this landscape with the potential entry of Tesla.

Iyer is hopeful that Tesla’s presence in India will boost the growth of the EV sector, stating that new entrants will contribute to market expansion and increased volumes across different segments. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, also expressed confidence in the company’s plans for India, suggesting a potential swift entry into the market.

While Tesla previously indicated hesitance regarding building a factory in India due to import duties, there are indications of ongoing discussions that may lead to an agreement in the near future.

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